Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adventures by Disney

The other night, I was lucky enough to attend an Adventures by Disney evening, to showcase all of the amazing trips and experiences that AbD offers - this night was a Travel Agent learning experience that I want to share a little with my readers, because honestly?  Wow.

Adventures by Disney

Disney is known for many things:
  • Cartoons
  • Movies
  • Theme Parks
  • Mickey Mouse
But - one thing above and beyond that ties everything together?

Incredible Customer Service

Theme Parks, Resorts, Disney Cruise Line - service is impeccible.  Everyone knows it - the Disney difference is the extra magic that is created on Disney vacations.  Adventures by Disney takes this one further - VIP treatment for everyone.  Yes, I may never have a personal guide for a Walt Disney World vacation, but on an Adventures by Disney vacation, but on an Adventure by Disney, you have 2.  There are always at least 2 guides - 1 from America and 1 local, from wherever you may be visiting.  

New for 2014/2015 - Long Weekends

Imagine a trip already planned out for you with 5 star accomodations, dining, VIP tours, backstage access - more than you or I could put together by ourselves - well, that's what Adventures by Disney does, even on a 4 day trip to NYC.  

Ever watch Good Morning America on ABC?  Well, on the NYC trip by Adventures by Disney, you'll wake up and go visit GMA - but you won't be standing outside.  You'll be inside.  In the VIP area - backstage, mingling with whomever may be there that day!  How close you get, I'm not sure - but you will see whomever is there, without any lines, bad weather, just by having your VIP guide!

Experience New Places

Frozen's location of "Arendelle" is loosely based on Norway.  Thus, when Elsa and Anna first made their appearances at Walt Disney World, they spent their time in the Norway pavilion (now, they've moved to Princess Fairy Tale Hall in the Magic Kingdom).  Visit the Stave Churches, trout fish amid glaciers, and so much more!

Disney Difference

While all AbD groups have 2 tour guides, they often bring on "Step on guides" to get even more information about specific locations.  Imagine having a 3rd guide join in the fun when visiting the Louvre - to really give details about every painting.  But, what about the kids?  No problem - the Junior Adventurers will have a Mystery Detective game, in which they have to discover the different pieces of art (shh!! don't tell them they're learning!!) to solve the mystery!  The experiences are constantly tailored to the people in each and every group - and updated along the way as they need to be!


From Wyoming and Southern California to the Almafi Coast or Peru, Adventures by Disney are available all over the globe (minus Antartica, but I think most of us are okay with skipping that one) and while they change, they are always amazing.  For price quotes, more destinations, or any questions, check out our Guru page focused on Adventures by Disney, or email me!

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