Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Enjoy the Parks, Skip the Crowds

People always ask me when they should visit the parks - there is always a reason to skip, postpone, or avoid, but I'm here to help clear up some of the confusion and help you plan the best possible trip!

Enjoy the Parks Skip the Crowds

General Rules for Lower Crowds:

  • If the kids are in school, the parks are less crowded
  • Avoid major holidays
  • Spring break fluctuates around the country, but you may not have one of the popular breaks
  • Check Disney's calender for major events - i.e. Star Wars Weekend, Food and Wine, runDisney events, etc...

Daily Rule to Avoid Crowds:

  • Start early - don't sleep in!
  • Take midday breaks - leave the parks when the majority of people are there
  • Avoid parks that have special events occuring
  • Head to the Magic Kingdom during the day if there is a hard ticket event that night 

Cheat - Use tools that MANY won't:

  • Use a Disney-specialized Travel Agent - as my agency is new and not yet EarMarked, I won't use that as the status to find (plus, my first TA experience was with an "earMarked" agency that was NOT a pleasant experience), but someone you can trust and have good recommendations or develop a relationship with (hello, lovely blog readers)
  • Invest in a subscription to TouringPlans.com (I use and recommend this tool, but by clicking through that link I make a very small percent if you purchase)
    • Touring Plans has an amazing 365 Day Crowd Calender - based on ridiculous statistical research
    • TP always gives park recommendations based on crowd levels - makes touring a breeze!
    • TP has endless varieties of Touring Plans - literally a step-by-step guide to the parks to get the most out of your day without spending it all in linen!

Want more information or free travel planning help?  Email me JennL@TheWDWGuru.com for free quotes, itinerary planning, and more!

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  1. We've only been to WDW as a whole family twice, but our biggest "secret" tip if your kids are a little older and able to stay up later is to hit Fantasyland and Frontierland at night. In particular, if you head to Splash and Big Thunder Mountain when the parade and Wishes are starting, you can really cut your wait time. And, as an added bonus, you can see the Electric Light Parade and fireworks from the rides, which is actually a pretty awesome way to take them in. Fireworks while riding Big Thunder Mountain, one of my favorite memories!

    Fantasyland is really quiet at the end of the night, you can mostly walk right onto rides. My husband and older son rode the Tea Cups three times in a row - the ride operator told them they could just stay on (this was a bit of silliness on their part as my son is 14 and the were giggling their heads off by the end and stumbling around).

    One night we did all of this and still saw the later presentation of Wishes and the parade right on Main Street.