Monday, July 28, 2014

Super Shuttle Overview

Traveling to The Disneyland Resort isn't as straight forward as trying to The Walt Disney World Resort.  One of the most simple and basic fixes that WDW offers - free (included) airport transportation to all those staying in a WDW resort.  Before I left for Disneyland, I did some basic research and chose to use Super Shuttle to get me from the airport (LAX) to my hotel (in Anaheim).  

Super Shuttle 

Super Shuttle 

A national airport van service that is often more cost effective than car rental or taxis - to get from LAX to Anaheim, cost me only $17.  Prices vary drastically, so check costs before you sign up!

Standard Van Service

While there are several options, the standard one that I'll be covering today is the airport van service.  It's very easy to do beforehand (or have your travel agent do so) - simply plug in the locations, dates, and times. 

Stay in Contact 

After I made my reservation, I received an email confirmation, which I kept close when I was leaving.  I also entered my cell phone number for updates and when I landed, I received a text message saying something like "Welcome to LAX, proceed to .... when you get your luggage."  After I got my luggage, headed off to the super shuttle stand at LAX, located outside of baggage claim.  I checked in and was told what number shuttle I would be on. 

Patience Required

I arrived in LA after 10 pm - after a full day at work, it was 1 a.m. on my body clock and I was exhausted!  However, LAX is a zoo and I had a little bit of waiting to do for my shuttle.  When I checked in, I was told approximately 20 minutes - they communicate with tablets and each shuttle has a specific route and customer list, so even though I watched at least 10 shuttles drive past or stop to pick up, I didn't get onto a shuttle until my assigned van arrived, right about 20 minutes later.

Payment Options

For ease of everything, I paid for my ride and tip online before I left so I didn't need to think about cash or anything for the ride.  One less thing to worry about is always a plus!

Successful journey

I shared my van with a large group visiting from Australia.  They were headed to another Anaheim hotel, but luckily, I was dropped off first!  The driver quickly got my luggage for me and headed to the next stop.  Super Shuttles are not one stop vans.  You will most likely share with many other people and possibly stop at several locations.  I lucked out in that I was one of the last people to get in the van and the first person dropped off!


For the price, ease, and convenience, I would recommend and take the super shuttle again.  Though at a different time of day, I might have taken the Disneyland bus, as it doesn't run after 6 p.m., that wasn't an option.  Though I've heard different results and different experiences, I couldn't beat $20 with tip for an easy and quick ride to my hotel!

What is your preferred airport to hotel transportation?

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