Monday, September 8, 2014

Touring Plans Dashboard

Last week, you may have noticed, I reviewed several Unofficial Guides, including The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2015 with an ongoing giveaway.  One of the authors, Len Testa, is also the man behind Touring Plans - the website that has an abundance of information on everything going on at the parks.  Most importantly?  It's the website that has the best information on crowd levels, park crowds, and how to tour the parks to see the most in the least amount of time and lines.

I've been a subscriber for years and now, they've added a Dashboard - a place to input all your details, track crowds, etc..  Instead of my spreadsheet, I now have the dashboard!  All in one place, I have how many days are left until my trip, which park I've selected each day, my fast pass + reservations (which I manually entered online) as well as my ADR's and the parks I plan to visit each day!  Already included is the forecast and crowd levels - amazing..

Here is a part of my dashboard - edited for privacy purposes.  It's much larger - with all of the dates in my travel window in a neat and consolidated row.

Okay, if that's not enough information, let me add one more trick -

You can create and optimize Touring Plans... and when you select the date for those touring plans, they automatically show up on your dashboard!

So, let's recap.

Touring Plans offers:
  • A 365 crowd calender
  • Park recommendations
  • Attraction Wait Times
  • Hotel descriptions with view photos for just about every room at every resort (seriously?!)
  • Restaurant menus and prices - updated more than once a year!
  • Optimized and customized touring plans - tour the parks efficiently!
  • Lines app - downloadable app/web app to check everything in the park quickly and easily!
There is more to see and fun things to check out/parts of Lines that you can geek out on in the parks, but that's silly fun (contributing to wait times/attraction closures/crowd levels).   
It's worth it to me - is it worth it to you?  Subscribe here!!

**Full disclaimer - I am an affiliate with Touring Plans and have, on more than one occasion, received $1-2 for people subscribing to Touring Plans.  I appreciate purchasing through my affiliate link if you plan to use it - all opinions and everything about this post is 100% my own opinion and ravings - I love this program!  I wasn't asked to write anything nor am I receiving anything for doing so!**

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