Baby Wearing

When I first started The Disney Babies Blog, my son was young and loved to be held at all times.

Now, my "baby" is 2 and we haven't had much use for our baby carriers for the past few months.  But, I hope that my past articles on Baby Wearing can help other new (or new to babywearing) moms learn an amazing technique which is great for bonding and for multi-tasking!

Baby Wearing Introduction - Basic Pouch Sling
The most simple and easy to use carrier I used!

Advanced Pouch Sling - Guest Post
A high school friend shared her different carriers with a similar sling as I first used.

Ring Sling
An easy go-to for quick ups and downs with older children, or fast and convenient with little ones! 

Basic Wrap Carry
My true baby wearing love - the baby wrap.

Heavier Baby Wrap Carry
If Noah would let me, I would still use this carry.

Structured Carrier
The fastest and easiest way to baby carry securely

Toddler Wearing 
Using a structured carrier for a 25 lb toddler!

A Quick Comparison
This post shows several different styles and options all at once

DIY Baby Wearing
If you're even just a little crafty, you might be able to make your own carrier!

Hope these help!  As always, feel free to ask questions, leave comments, or share your experiences!

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  1. i loved my moby style wrap. In fact my 3 1/2 year old was just asking me why i cant wear him anymore. I havent since last year at least but he still remembers it fondly. i loved the closeness of our bodies and faces but the freedom of movement and my hands!