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  1. Hello, I came across your blog during a search on more detailed info of the Disneys Dining Plan from people who have actually tried it. I saw your post date and noticed that it's quite recent!! I just have one question, which I'm sorry if you have it somewhere posted already... I graduate college next year, hopefully on late March ( Around the 20's ) and my mom, who is coming to the states to see me said she would like to go to Disney ( I've been twice, while it would be her first time going ) and I was just wondering how busy would you say are the parks for that time? We're planning on purchasing a Disney package, especially if my brothers decide to come along.

    While I've read the pros and cons, I would like my mom (and my perhaps my bros!)to experience everything the parks have to offer without MAJOR long lines and everything being so crowded, so your input would be appreciated greatly!

  2. I hope you find this comment! I'm glad you found our little blog and I hope we can help.

    Early congratulations on your college graduation! March is definitely not terrible time to be visiting the Disney Parks. The heat isn't unbearable yet and the parks won't be ridiculously crowded yet.

    While I can't recommend the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) because I have yet to use it, and my friend and co-blogger, Melissa, said the DDP was just too much food, if you're only going to the parks once, you definitely should do it right, so I can absolutely see why you'll want to use the plan.

    For an occasion like this - someone coming in for their first trip, I absolutely recommend staying on property - there are resorts at every level and they do offer that extra magical experience.

    As for park crowds and worrying about the long lines, I have to send you to The guys over at Touring Plans will help you guide the parks so you can experience more with less waiting, AND they estimate (based on stats of previous years, holidays, events, etc...) park crowd levels for a full year out. ALSO, if you pay for the subscription (maybe $20 for a year), you get a smart phone app that has touring plans (literally planning the order you go through the parks) and tells you the wait times while you're in the parks.

    Check it out!

    Please let us know if you have any other questions we can help you with.. We're regulars and love helping!

  3. I highly recommend the DDP... You get soo much food for your money. I also like that I can go and order the most expensive thing on the menu, and its covered. You never have to worry about, "well we have 20 dollars for this we cant get that..." COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!

  4. Thank you SO much! We ARE staying on property, and now is definite that my brothers along with my sister will be joining us! We are hoping to stay in one of the moderate suites, and since we have a big party with us, me and mom both agree that we WILL be using the dining plan! I completely agree with what anonymous said; that way we won't have to worry about how much we spend at the restaurants and have peace of mind on that matter. My mom is super excited as I am, she really wants to have breakfast with Cinderella! So the plan would really come in handy here, we think.

    Anyways, thank you SO much for all your input and your offer to help, I will keep this blog with me, your info has really been so helpful, so thank you very much!

  5. I finally found your blog Jenn! It looks great, you should be so proud! I have extensive experience with the Disney Dining Plan, and even with the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan, so feel free to ask away! I can plan it right to the last snack, leave no cupcake unturned! You can basically eat whatever you want and not have to worry about the cost, because it's already taken care of. I've done the math...and for us there's nothing better than the dining plan! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  6. Thank you so much! I have seen examples and done some math on it myself, and both me and my mom think is totally worth it! Especially since we can try new foods without worrying about budget, and because we have in mind how much it'll cost, after saving and booking the trip we can worry instead of what to spend on what souvenirs, instead of food, once at the park! I can't wait!!